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Hosted PBX means hosted private branch exchange is basically a telephone exchange system built. This system is managed and delivered by a third-party service provider. Hosted PBX is also named as virtual PBX and companies use to provide the best voice quality to the users. The organisations that offer hosted PBX to clients, these companies are handling the maintenance, switching as well as routing includes in the hosted phone system.  Hosted telephony works in the following three ways; 

  • Over the internet (hosted IP PBX via VoIP, voice over IP, internet telephony)

  • Public switch telephone network (PSTN)

  • Or; with the combination of two  

Features of Hosted PBX

If a person owns a small business with fewer than 250 lines. Hosted telephony system can provide you with the horde of features. For beginners, hosted telephony is inexpensive than an online traditional on-site system. With the hosted phone system, there is no need to do extra expenses, payment for installation, expensive hardware, and a person to manage and maintain the system. A user just needs to pay the monthly fee and then enjoy the rest of the time.         

Hosted telephone systems’ advantages

Most common advantages of PBX are given below; 

No office boundaries:

The users of hosted PBX have a facility to work from anywhere with the hosted phone system. This whole system is ideal for marketing/sales’ person and homeworkers who are always on the move. 


With complete freedom, hosted phone system can remove or add extensions and lines as they grow. 

Ongoing and initial cost savings:

Stay relaxed, there is no need for heavy investment before installing a hosted phone system. Additionally, a person for maintenance and operation is really not required in this system. 

Simple to use: 

As we discussed that there is no end-user management involved hosted telephony, this system is very easy and simple to use. 

The boost of corporate image: 

By using a hosted telephony system for small business gives the professional impression of a large reputed organization. 

What do you need to know more about hosted PBX system? 

PBX phone system is incredibly easy to use and setup. But, still, there is something you need to know about this system. 

A customer needs to arrange their dial plan:

Whenever switching to the hosted PBX, organizing or arranging the routing of important calls is the first thing must be done by you. After that, the users need to define different rules for incoming calls, including; 

  • The Desk phones’ operation hours 

  • Directory’s setting 

  • The button used to activate other features and voicemail      

  • Off-hour calls settings 

  • The fax handling/ settings

  • Simultaneous ringing and sequential settings 

  • Emergency call setting 

Phone number arrangements:

A temporary number is required for poring the whole porting procedure. In addition, if a user already has a number to port over then, he or she must remain with their existing provider until the number is ported to their new PBX provider. After getting a new number, its need update and let them know this huge change through similar means or email.      

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